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Shoulder-Grazing Bob With Layers

Shoulder-Grazing Bob With Layers

manos curativas apana mudra

Apana Mudra // Mudra for detoxification The body has many ways to detoxify itself; including "carbon dioxide from lungs, cough and mucous from organs of respiration, perspiration from skin, excretion through intestine, urination through

manos curativas shunya mudra

Shunya mudra // mudra of emptiness / ether / Heaven / sky This mudra corresponds to the essence of all space. Helps with relieving earaches, will help improve hearing impairments or ringing of the ears. Helps with travel sickness & nausea

manos curativas vayu mudra

What crystals are good for vertigo what is the etiology of vertigo,what can u take for vertigo vertigo and ears,fibromyalgia dizziness vertigo getting rid of benign positional vertigo.