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an ancient greek statue with fruit and vegetables on it's body, in front of a white wall
Artemis of Ephesus
Artemis statue from the Amphitheater of Lepcis Magna, now in the Archaeological Museum of Tripoli. Anatolian-Greek mythological image from an ancient mother nature. Contrasting it with the current vision on nature, it may invite thoughts like Hegel's description of "the True” as “the Bacchanalian revel in which no member is not drunk". Not to say that we are sober today. Are we missing something like a caring Artemis in our competitive vision on nature?
an arch in the middle of ruins with steps leading up to it
Ephesus Pictures - About Tours
Hadrian Temple - Ephesus Pictures and Ephesus Photos » Ephesus Tours
two ancient silver coins, one with an insect on it and the other with a deer
Robot Challenge Screen
Bee coin from Ephesus, dating to 387-295 BC. The bee, palm tree and stag on the coin, a tetradrachm, are emblems of Ephesus and the goddess Artemis
two people are painting on the wall in an old room with stairs and other items
#Terrace House, #Ephesus, #Turkey. Italian #restoration team at work...
Terrace House, Ephesus
an ancient building with roman writing on the side and columns in front, against a blue sky
Library of Celsus; Ephesus, Turkey (near modern-day Selçuk, Turkey) by Skip Nyegard on 500px ~Built in 117 AD. It was a monumental tomb for Gaius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, the governor of the province of Asia, from his son Galius Julius Aquila. Library capacity was more than 12,000 scrolls. Third richest library in ancient times, after the Alexandra and Pergamum. Restored with the aid of the Austrian Archaeological Institute.
an artistic mosaic design with circles and dots
Roman Mosaic Floor
Roman Mosaic Floor at Ephesus (wow!)
an ancient sculpture with two men and a woman on it's side, in a museum
Relief depicting a gladiatorial combat, 3rd century AD, from Ephesus (Turkey), Neues Museum, Berlin
Reliefs of a provocateur and of gladiatorial combat, 3rd century AD, from Ephesus (Turkey), Neues Museum, Berlin | Flickr : partage de photo...
an old stone building with steps leading up to it
Ancient city of Ephesus, Turkey
*TURKEY ~ Ancient city of Ephesus, Turkey
the interior of an ancient building that is being renovated
Excursions in Izmir | Ephesus Shore Excursions | Izmir Port Turkey
$85 Ephesus Tours From Izmir Port Trips to Ephesus Sightseeing #Turkey
a white marble head with wavy hair on display in front of a black tile wall
Head of an Amazon Roman copy of Greek original produced in 440-430 BCE for artistic competition in Ephesus
'Head of an Amazon' - Roman copy of Greek original, produced in 440-430 BCE for artistic competition in Ephesus.
an ancient coin with a bee on it
Greek Coins (450 BC-100 AD) for sale | eBay
From Ephesus 39 -330- BC!