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five learning activities using uno cards
5 Learning Activities Using Uno Cards - Team Cartwright
Want some easy no fuss learning activities for your children? Grab some Uno cards! Here are 5 learning activities using Uno cards. Low or no prep STEM activities to teach math, counting, sorting, colors and more to toddlers and preschoolers. #preschool #toddler #learningactivity #STEMactivity #easylearningactivity #noprepactivity
a bulletin board with words written on it and the caption'ask your students what makes you happy? record and display all the answers
ELA in the middle
Have students each write down something that makes them happy for a Wall of Happiness. Works for all grades!
two pieces of paper sitting on top of a wooden table with words written in it
Time Filler Idea: "Guess Who?" Cards
Guess Who? Cards are a simple time-filler activity for those times that you need to fill about 5 minutes before recess or lunch, or the end of the day. This activity also strengthens sense of belonging and community in the classroom. See this blog post for a brief explanation of how you can get started in your classroom.
several pieces of paper with writing on them sitting next to some markers and pencils
Conversation Jenga
Conversation starters/ice breakers with Jenga *This could also be used (blocks numbered) with questions that respond to your monthly theme. Not literally answers (too much pressure) but pondering questions (Why do you suppose . . . HOw do you think we can . . . What are some ideas that might . . . )