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a wooden box with butterflies painted on the inside and outside, sitting on a table
a pink and white box with a butterfly on the lid, sitting on a table
Porta esmalte e/ou batom decorado em MDF | Elo7
a pink box with butterflies on it and the word magniganna written in black
DIY: Faça você mesmo - Metalização de textura e decoupage
an open box with flowers and butterflies painted on it
Užsakyta vasara ant smilgų
a small blue box with a bow on the lid and inside sitting on a floral tablecloth
Porta Cha
a purple dresser with flowers and butterflies on it
Kaiser Magic Happens Drawers 4EB
a white box with colorful flowers painted on the side and wheels sitting on a table
Juguetero Con Ruedas Baul Infantil Guarda Chiches
an orange and white box with flowers painted on the inside is open to show its contents
Decoupagem em Caixas – Pintura e Mdf | Artesanato
a flowered box is sitting on a red surface with its lid open and it's drawers are empty
a wooden box sitting on top of a table
Caixa de chá com 6 divisórias | Elo7 Produtos Especiais
a box that has some type of decoration on it's lid and is sitting on a table
Caixa de MDF Decorada: 42 Ideias, Dicas e Passo a Passos - Revista Artesanato
a white box with pink and red butterflies in it