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Phase 1 & 3 (Skip the optional honey, or use stevia) Healthy Pineapple Blueberry Popsicles make a cool, sweet snack (recipe makes 2 fruit servings).

20 coiffures faciles et élégantes dont vous ne pourrez plus vous passer !

If you're feeling bored with your usual hairstyle but just don't want to go through all the expense and hassle of visiting the stylist, we have the perfect post for you. Japanese beauty site 'Kamimado' has compiled 20 super simple and conveniently quick h

Rutina de ejercicios para la mañana

Rutin a diaria

Cardio + Strength Training = A Calorie-Torching Combo

20 Minute Metabolic Burn Workout - Mix cardio bursts into your strength training to burn calories and build metabolism-boosting muscle.

Agua Detox de Fresa, Naranja y Menta

Agua Detox de Fresa, Naranja y Menta - Detox water Strawberry, Orange and Mint

Si deseas desintoxicarte, te recomendamos una receta rápida y fácil para limpiar tu organismo. ¡Compártela! #Desintoxicación Más recetas saludables aquí:

Just pretend it's in English.

Zumo verde detox, depurativo y desintoxicante.

Verde y Natural: Zumo verde detox y depurativo - Green juice: detox

Cómo hacer smoothies #HealthyRecipes #Smoothies

Lo que no le había contado a mi madre sobre los smoothies

Sciatica Exercises: Stretches for Pain Relief

It's excruciatingly painful. I will try theses stretches with the ones I already do. The best way to alleviate sciatica pain is to do a stretch that can externally rotate the hip to provide some relief. Here are two exercises that do just that.

Yoga poses for relief from sciatica and lower back pain

Yoga poses for relief from sciatica and lower back can also cross you leg like this while sitting in a chair and lean forward. You will quickly feel the stretch, I love this one! Should show this to my mom, she has problems with her sciatica.