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Chef Emrah Fandaklı on Instagram: "En Lezzetli Burger Tarifi Smash Taco Dana kıyma (yağlı) Kuru soğan Tuz ve karabiber. Tortilla Cheddar peyniri Sos için; Ketçap Acılı mayonez Acı sos Soğan Salatalık turşusu Afiyet olsun."

Quick Dishes

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544K views · 102K reactions | Cajun Corn Maque Choux. One of my all time favorite side dishes and it’s so simple to make. #mealsbyaldenb #recipesbyaldenb #southernmade | Alden Boudy | Erykah Badu · Next Lifetime (Instrumental)
Never Again Will You Mess This Up | Cilantro Lime Rice For The Win | #easyrecipe #cooking #shorts
Mushroom risotto is a simple and tasty side dish that's easy to make. This fancy-looking recipe is bursting with flavors like mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and white wine! #mushroomrisotto #risotto #sidedish #spendwithpennies


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Instant Pot Brown Rice


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Essential Everyday on Instagram: "CREAMY FROZEN LEMONADE 🍋🧊 You just need 3 ingredients: freshly squeezed lemon juice, Essential Everyday sweetened condensed milk and ice! 

You may have heard of the viral creamy lemonade, but this frozen version takes it to the next level for a refreshing summer treat that couldn’t be easier to make! You just need 5 minutes and a blender. 

Bookmark the RECIPE below and let us know what you think! 

Follow @essential_everyday for more easy, delicious recipes and click the link in our profile to find Essential Everyday products in a store near you!


(4-6 servings) 


1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 
1 can (14oz) Essential Everyday sweetened condensed milk 
4 cups ice 


Add all ingredients to a blender.
Vintage Recipes on Reels | Little Richard · Tutti Frutti


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My son was asking for “caramel frosting” for his birthday cake. I had never heard of caramel frosting but as usual, Allrecipes came throu…

Glazes & Frostings

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Old Fashioned Sour Cream Donuts - Tastes Better From Scratch
Sweet, caramel-ly air fryer pineapple! An absolutely perfect healthier dessert or side dish that you'll want to devour.
Air fryer apple chips are a nutritious, low calorie snack that you can enjoy instead of potato chips or other snacks. Apple chips are a family favorite that are perfect just about any time of year and are especially tasty as a fall treat. If you are looking for the perfect healthy snack for your family, this is it.


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Find over 125 favorite copycat recipes for popular restaurants including Olive Garden, Starbucks, Panera, McDonald's, Taco Bell, Outback Steakhouse, and many more. From fast food to fine dining and everything in between. Get the best restaurant copycat recipes you can make at home with simple ingredients.
Food | Head Over Meals - Brittany Ashley
Featuring easy to make Instant Pot recipes, air fryer recipes, comfort food recipes and more. All with easy to follow steps and common ingredients.

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Emily | Simple Healthy Recipes on Instagram: "BLT but make it a tortilla! This recipe is still one of our favs and a perfect weekend breakfast, lunch or dinner! It’s so fun, absolutely delicious & so easy to make! Give this one a try and let me know if you love it 🥰 Deets: 🌶️ spicy mayo 🥓 crispy bacon 🍃🍅Handful of spinach & sliced tomatoes 🧀 cheese Directions 1️⃣cut a slit in your tortilla (halfway up the tortilla)
2️⃣add the different fillings to each quarter 3️⃣fold your tortilla 4️⃣Place in your grill pan until golden and delicious, flip & enjoy #tortilla #tortillahack #breakfasttortilla #breakfastideas #blt #bltsandwich #easyrecipes #ketoideas #ketorecipes #lunchideas #countdowntildinner #recipereels #easyrecipes #brunchideas #breakfastideas #easydinners #easydinner"
can substitute the dijon mustard and dill with franks red hot and you got yourself a buffalo salmon wrap#lunch #salmon | Zoebarrie | Zoebarrie · Original audio
This is the Best Chicken Salad EVER! Recipe: | The Recipe Critic | The Recipe Critic · Original audio

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This Shawarma Marinade recipe is the BEST! It starts with an easy shawarma spice blend made with aromatic warm spices like cumin, paprika, cinnamon, turmeric & more. The spice blend is offset with a little bit of lemon & honey to create balanced bright, sweet, & spiced flavor. Use it to make easy chicken shawarma, lamb shawarma, beef shawarma, veggie shawarma, a hummus bowl, & more! #shawarmamarinade #shawarmaspiceblend #shawarmarecipe #marinaderecipes #grillingrecipes #marinadeforchicken
The Best Greek Marinade – Aunt Bee's Recipes


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This pork chop brine is quick and easy to prepare. Made with a handful of delicious seasonings it is the perfect way to create juicy and tender pork chops every time! #spendwithpennies #porkchopbrine #easybrinerecipe #porkbrine #briningporkchops #kitchentips #simplebrine


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Jamaican Jerk Chicken Salad Recipe - WonkyWonderful

Salad Dressing

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Danielle Ruppert on Reels | Muspace Lofi · A Cup of Coffee

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Make Your Day
French Toast Recipe | InesKohl Kitchen
Air Fryer French Toast


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Nordic Ware Nonstick Cast Aluminum 75th Anniversary Bundt Cake Pan
Nordic Ware Nonstick Cast Aluminum Pirouette Bundt Pan
Air Fryer Tray – Air Fryer Silicone Baking Tray (Reusable) – Happy Shop


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5.2K views · 118 reactions | French Quarter Cheese Spread is sweet and salty and just an incredible tasting easy festive appetizer for holiday gatherings | | · Original audio


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Pralines aka Pecan Candy #flychefaldenb #recipesbyaldenb #foodie | Chef AldenB | Chef AldenB · Original audio
Air Fryer Candied Pecans Recipe
Candied Pecans are a sweet and crunchy treat that is easy to mix together and bake anytime you need to satisfy a sweet tooth! Candied Pecans, How to Make Shiney Candied Pecans, Perfect Candied Pecans, iambaker, i am baker, recipes, Christmas, baking, holidays, appetizer


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7.5M views · 149K reactions | Crispy chicharron pork burrito | Crispy chicharron pork burrito! A heavenly combo of texture and flavor 🌯😋 | By Chefclub Network | Some beautiful house avocados that are going to go right into this boiling water now that they boiled for about 10 seconds that's going to help the skin release and preserve that bright green color also preventing them from turning brown that's what the hot water does and now we're going to make our guacamole I like to go with red onions spicy jalapenos, fresh cilantro, hit it with some salt, season it generously, and now, a fresh squeeze of lime right in there and now, I like to use a whisk because it preserves some of the chunks. Don't like it super loose, a little bit chunky. I've got some fresh guacamole that's going to go ri
A spoonful of tamale sauce pouring over a plate of stacked tamales surrounded by pico de gallo and cilantro.


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Air Fry

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80K views · 22K reactions | Fail-Proof Prime Rib Roast & Pan Gravy 🥩✨


	•	Prime Rib Roast
	•	Onions, Carrots, Celery, Garlic, Thyme
	•	Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper
	•	Pan Gravy: Roast Drippings, Red Wine, Flour, Worcestershire Sauce, Beef Stock


	1.	Let roast sit at room temp for 2 hrs before cooking.
	2.	Preheat oven to 500F. Prep veggies in roasting pan as a bed for the roast.
	3.	Season roast well with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Cook 15 mins per bone, then turn off oven. Leave inside for 2 hrs without opening door.
	4.	Rest on cutting board, covered, while making gravy.


	1.	Boil drippings, add red wine, then flour. Mix in beef stock and Worcestershire sauce. Cook until thickened.
	2.	Strain, skim fat, season with salt and pepper.

Serve with sides like mash
304K views · 24K reactions | BETTER THAN TAKEOUT Steak and Asparagus 🥡🥢 super easy to make at home, and the sauce is SO good! 

Full recipe link in bio :) 

#steak #steakdinner #asparagus #easyrecipes #homecooking #dinnerideas #homecooking #cookingvideo #chinesefood #stirfry | Tiffy Cooks 🥟 Easy Recipes | tiffy.cooks · Original audio
2.5M views · 18K reactions | The Best New Way to Eat Burgers | The Best New Way to Eat Burgers | By Brain Food | We're going to start by cutting
our burrito-sized flour tortillas in half. The easiest
way to do this is with scissors. After you've cut your
tortillas in half, we're going to grab a toothpick and
just roll these into a cone shape just like that. We're
going to take a toothpick, stick it right in there, and
then come out the other side and there we have a nice cone
shape, we're going to place this on our pan and go down the
line and once all of your cones are formed, we're going to grab
about half a stick of melted butter. You just want to fully
coat each side of these cones. Make sure there's nice layer of
butter on here and once you have buttered all of your
cones, we're going


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183K views · 8K reactions | Butter Swim Biscuits Are A Gift From The Heavens | Butter Swim Biscuits Are A Gift From The Heavens 

Seriously, This Must Be How They Make Biscuits Up There | By Drew Cooks | We're going to start with two
and a half cups of all purpose flour and just toss it in our
mixing bowl. Then add four teaspoons of baking powder.
Four teaspoons of sugar. Two teaspoons of salt. And then
take a whisk and mix all those dry ingredients together. Uh
once they're mixed together we're going to add one and
three/ 4 cups of buttermilk. And just stir this baby up
until you have a nice big beautiful ball of biscuit
dough. Just like this. Then set that ball of beautiful dough
aside. Pour a stick of melted butter into an eight by eight
baking dish and then bring that ball back. Ploop
Moist Pineapple Banana Bread takes a tropical twist on classic banana bread, using crushed pineapple and coconut.


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1M views · 9.4K reactions | Homemade Barbecue Chicken Pizza with Stuffed Crust | Homemade Barbecue Chicken Pizza with Stuffed Crust | By Brain Food | Start with four Cheddar Jack
cheese sticks and roll them up into the edges of our extra
large jumbo flour tortilla and then seal the edges with
toothpicks to hold its shape. We're going to top with
barbecue sauce. We love sweet baby rays in this house. It is
so good. Put about two tablespoons down and just
spread that out side to side. Make sure you get those
corners. This stuff is so good. Now, we're going to top with
some cheese. For this recipe, we like a cheddar jack. You can
use cheddar and mozzarella, whatever blend you like. Just
put a lot of cheese on there and spread it out. We're doing
about a cup of cheese here but we're going to a
Grandma's Secret Recipes | Chicken Scampi with Garlic Parmesan Rice | Facebook
Best Turkey Meatloaf


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694K views · 10K reactions | Have you mixed Condensed Milk with Cornmeal? You will definitely be surprised. | Have you mixed Condensed Milk with Cornmeal? You will definitely be surprised. | By Tata’s  kitchen | Have you ever mixed condensed
milk with cornmeal? For sure, you're going to be surprised
with the results. Add two cups of cornmeal to a bowl and 400
grams of condensed milk. Yeah, I bet you're thinking this
can't be right but actually this cake is really different
and so tasty. Then add 400 grams of heavy
cream. You're going to be shocked with
how easy this recipe is everyone. After that, mix it
all together So our mixture should be really
smooth like this. Now add 60 grams of grated coconut. This
will add special touch to our cake. This recipe is full of
delicious ingredients act


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Is there anything more luxurious than a creamy dish of risotto? If you've never made risotto before, this basic recipe with butter and Parmesan cheese is a great place to start. This Italian classic made with Arborio rice is actually quite simple but it does take some time and attention. Dive in and soon you'll be making better than restaurant-quality risotto!
Get Egg and Cheese Bread Omelet Recipe from Food Network
The best classic deviled egg recipe I've ever had. Like, ever.


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319K views · 31K reactions | When you see this video out there, remember where it came from. 👊🏻 #original #friedshrimp | Jason Derouen | thecajunninja · Original audio
Air Fryer Honey Garlic Salmon – Air fryer
A Taste of Magic: Baked Shrimp in Lemon Butter Sauce Recipe – Easy

Fish/Seafood/Shell Fish

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My Italian neighbor showed me this dish, and we knew we had to snag the recipe – Easy
My Italian neighbor showed me this dish, and we knew we had to snag the recipe – Easy
549K views · 103K reactions | Sharing this again because I may have just booked a trip back to Italy… 🙈✈️ Did you know that authentic fettuccine alfredo only requires 3 ingredients!? If you’re traveling to Rome, @il_vero_alfredo is a MUST! If not, recreate it at home with this recipe 🧀🧈🇮🇹 This is also a really fun last minute dinner party dish that will wow your guests.
1 lb. fettuccine
6-8 tbsp. grass fed unsalted butter, cut into ½ inch pieces (measure with your heart 😉)
1 ½ cups finely grated Parmigiano Reggiano plus ½ cup for garnish
1/2 cup pasta water
Paired with @lve_wines by @johnlegend @chrissyteigen 🍷

Method - in a pot: 
1. In a large pot of heavily salted boiling water, cook pasta until al dente. Reserve ½ cup of pasta water.
2. Once cooked, use tongs to tra


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