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Seahorses are captured by the millions in China due to being used in Chinese medicine. They're also used for commercial use such as pendants and key chains. They also fall victims to fishing nets. Because of this they're facing extinction :( Want to help? google petitions to save them and support Ocean conservation organizations, like Oceana :)

Sensaciones: Usted Puede Sanar su Vida + Louise L. Hay + Sensaciones……♥ La alegría de ver y entender es el más perfecto don de la naturaleza. Einstein :-) Esencial Natura Usted Puede Sanar su Vida Louise L. Hay El momento del poder es siempre el presente

Amaranthine ~ looks like a starling to me; just thought I would throw this beautiful bird in with these gorgeous colors.

*~La creación de Dios es hermosa! Lo sé con solo mirar los detalles y colores de cada flor, cada ave y cada amanecer!!~* *~God's creation is beautiful! I know by looking at the details and colors of every flower, every bird and every sunrise!~*