Raul Barros

Raul Barros

San Juan - Argentina
Raul Barros
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"El tiempo es el mejor autor: Siempre encuentra un final perfecto" ~Charles Chaplin

Gabriella Di Muro Photographer I want to make a cape like this for a red ridinghood costume to dress up for Halloween with my husky/wolves and take dome cool pics.

asi quiero mi cabello

I would choose a woodland theme for the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Crowns made out of woven branches and flowers would be a good touch for all characters: male or female.

Fantasy Magical Fairytale Surreal Enchanting Mystical Myths Legends Stories Dreams Adventures Fairy tale little red in fashion form.

Reminds me of the Bride, a Sylph connected to powerful trees, who haunts the woods in to claim vulnerable men as her consort.

What the lady of House Waxley would wear. House Waxley of Wickenden is a noble house from Wickenden in the Vale, they are sworn to house Arryn. They blazon their arms with three candles, white with red flames, within silver candle holders on a grey.