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Margaret Atwood, everyone.

21 Bookish Quotes for a Rainy Day

Margaret Atwood, everyone.

How do I know what I think until I see what I say?

My name is Ronnie and this is a place where I ramble about books. Enjoy your stay!

If there is a book that you want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. -Toni Morrison

exciting positively present news!

Image Source Guess what?! I signed a book deal! It's been about a six-month progress, getting the concept nailed down, finalizing the chapters, etc., but I finally signed the paperwork (and received my first advance!) and I couldn't be more thrilled. Signing a book deal was a life-long dream come true, and to have it be a book focusing on helping others live a more positive and present life is just ah-maze-ing. HOW IT WENT DOWN I don't know if this happens for everyone, but for some reason…

I'm loving how many of these are from Harry Potter. 15 Cool Typography Designs Of Your Favorite Literary Quotes

15 Cool Typography Designs Of Your Favorite Literary Quotes

Created by the founder of the The Readables book blog.

"One must always be careful of books"

Gianni Versace, S.p.A., v. The Partnerships and Unincorporated Associations Identified on Schedule “A”; Case No. 18-cv-6412 | Greer, Burns & Crain, Ltd.

It's been awhile since we mused about the gloriousness that is a great book - so here we go :) Source for all

Reading is by far the most successful pursuit of happiness.

50 most popular images about books, reading, and libraries

A list of images about books, reading, and libraries, that were most frequently shared on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media networks.

Colin Firth: 5 of Our Favorite Celebrity Book Nerds #BNReads

5 of Our Favorite Celebrity Book Nerds

It is possible that, in addition to reading War and Peace and all the Austen ever printed, I may occasionally glance at magazines that may feature well-known personages of the stage and screen (and reality television, and other sources of mysterious fame I still do not quite understand). Becuause hey, some of these people

Head Over Heels For Teaching: Spark Student Motivation-Reading Counts

Spark Student Motivation-Reading Counts

Is Reading Counts a program like AR or something? Love your homework for the rest of the year must be VERY motivational lol! Jessica Literacy Spark I love your prizes! My highest student is in our 200 point club, which is amazing for him because last year he ended the year with 45! Do…

if a girl looks swell

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