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an image of a poem written in russian with flowers and music notes on the wall
white flowers are in front of a poem
an image of flowers and music notes on a wall with the words'edessanym emelere '
a white rose sitting next to a candle on top of a black background with words written below it
a greeting card with roses and candles on the occasion of valentine's day in german
an image of a piano with flowers on it and the caption reads, e desanyam enklere
a white bird flying in the air with a poem written on it's side
a black background with white roses and a candle in it that says,'emkledre '
flowers and candles on a table with a poem written in the middle that says,
a red rose sitting in a vase on top of a table next to a black background
a poem written in english with a flower on the bottom and a crescent above it
two white birds sitting on top of a table next to a rose
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