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Jagged Little Pill: The Health Consequences of Oral Contraceptives

Healthy Living How To | Vanessa Rae Romero

Hello, I'm Vanessa I once had someone tell me they did not like my purple hair, said it was for the birds. My nickname is Birdie. Sometimes, The Bird. I am a Christ-follower, wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, city slicker, purple lover, and health nut. Learn more about me. Read My Blog I blog about healthy... [Continue Reading]

Carbohydrates for Fertility and Health - Paleo for Women

Carbohydrates for Fertility and Health | Health to Empower

I spend a disproportionate amount of my time telling women to eat carbohydrates. In the paleosphere, it is incredibly common to eat a low carbohydrate diet. Plenty of people use low carbohydrate diets to lose weight, to sharpen insulin sensitivity, and to reduce appetite in the short term. A low carbohydrate diet can also be …

Self Lymph Drainage Massage

Self Lymph Drainage Massage by MassageByHeather.com in Louisville, KY

http://www.massagebyheather.com - Learn to drain your own head! Use these lymphatic drainage massage techniques from Louisville massage therapist Heather Wib...

Do your allergies cross-react?

Do your allergies cross-react?

Did you know food and environmental allergies can cross react. Learn more about OAS and food families to help you avoid mysterious cross reactions!

12 ways to take care of your lymph system

Jump-out the toxins (Rebounding for lymph drainage).

Is it possible to jump and release toxins? Yes! Rebounding allows your lymphatic system to flow, which increased your immunity and ability to detox. Learn how to love of your lymph.

GAPS intro quick guide

GAPS intro quick guide

Simple quick chart to remember what you can eat on each stage of GAPS intro!

The benefits of yoga

Fitness Friday: An Overview of Yoga

Welcome to another "Fitness Friday!" Each week I will be interviewing a new person about a new form of exercise. I'm talking to runners, crossfitters, bikers, zumba trainers, and more. Don't think of this as a

DIY Treadmill Desk

How To Build A Treadmill Desk For Under $20! - Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

How To Build A Treadmill Desk For Under $20!

Rebounding is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise. Learn how to properly rebound!

The Benefits of Rebounding (and how to do it correctly!)

Sometimes it really is a wonderful world. Especially when serendipity dictates that many things we enjoy are actually good for us! For example, butter. And salt. And bouncy houses. I'm sure I'm not the only one who attends grocery store grand openings solely for the opportunity to jump in the rented bouncy house. And I'm probably not the only one who gets unreasonably excited when a friend's/relatives house has one of those huge trampolines in the backyard. Fortunately, rebounding, a.k.a…

Do carbs kill your brain? Nope not healthful carbs\u2026. Grain Brain is wrong.

Do Carbs Kill Your Brain? | Chris Kresser

In his book, Grain Brain, Dr. Perlmutter says carbohydrates cause effects that lead to a toxic brain. Is there evidence to the contrary? How true is this?

Choose and Use Good Fats (with a print-out guide!)

Choose and Use Good Fats (print-out!)

Good fats vs. bad fats Good fats vs. bad fats... this is perhaps the most controversial and enduring topic in world of nutrition. To further complicate the fat conundrum, we must not only choose the good fats but use them in a way to preserve their healthful qualities and prevent them from turning into bad fats. For example, cold-pressed sunflower seed oil provides a neutral-flavored base for cold salad dressings. But if you heat that oil, due to the unstable double bonds in the oil (a.k.a…

Power posing is a proven method to reduce stress hormones!

Instantly Relieve Stress with Power Poses!

My Rescue Remedy Posture If you know me, you know where to find my bottles of Rescue Remedy stashed in my purse, desk and car. I reach for this anxiety-relieving homeopathic remedy whenever I need to take a chill pill. Recently, I discovered a tool that works as well as Rescue Remedy to instantly relieve stress when I feel overwhelmed or anxious. It's called Power Posing. Did you know that standing in a certain position actually alters your brain? Science shows that power poses reduce stress…