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there's a buddhist temple in thailand affixed to the bottle temple, that's constructed of an estimated 1 5 million recycled beer bottles
Booze it Up! 13 Rad Recycled Bottle Crafts & Projects
Monks in Thailand’s Sisaket province collected over a million green Heineken bottles and brown bottles of local Chang beer to create a complex of 20 buildings including the main temple, halls, prayer rooms, water tower, sleeping quarters and even a crematorium
a cake made out of wine corks and grapes
My wine cork tree, made with graduated styrofoam circles as the base underneath.
a wine bottle hanging from the side of a wooden fence with lights in the background
wine bottle craft ideas | REUSE wine bottle | Craft Ideas/DIY
three hanging planters filled with flowers and lit candles in front of a pine tree
25 Creative Wine Bottle Chandelier Ideas
25 Creative Wine Bottle Chandelier Ideas
the letter d made out of wine corks is shown in front of a white background
Wine Bottle Crafts Projects
Wine Bottle Crafts Projects - Bing Images
two blue and white vases with rope wrapped around the top one has an anchor on it
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Wine bottle crafting. Nautical theme, anchor.
a person is holding a wine bottle and cleaning it with a towel on the floor
Label Removal
Wine Bottle Label Removal - for all those wine bottle crafts. Also check out this video
a screen with bottles hanging from it's side and the caption below that reads, why not try something special in this summer? make a creative and unique
Bottle fence. Drill a hole through bottom of bottle and put through rebar. Beautiful when light hits it!
two candles and some succulents sit on a napkin next to each other
Bottle ...
a christmas tree made out of wine bottles in a room with large windows and chandelier
Cool Crafty Things
Wine Bottle Crafts | Wine bottle Christmas tree - my kinda tree! | Cool Crafts
there is a vase with flowers in it and the caption says, easy way to cut wine bottle vase
Pinterest Fail: Cut Wine Bottle (Ouch)
Pinterest Fail: Cut wine bottle craft gone wrong... Not sure what happened there but the best glass cutting tutorial I've found is on UTube (& I'm not sure how to pin that)... Lol... So, It's titled: How To Cut Glass Bottles With String. It's posted by: burtoas. Good luck! ;D
a wine glass holder with grapes on it
wine bottle crafts with lights - Bing
Bing : wine bottle crafts with lights