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a man standing on top of a metal roof
Solar Shingles for Tiny Houses? - Tiny House Pins
Solar Shingles for Tiny Houses? Yes, these are being produced! Click through for more info. | Tiny House
the interior of a tiny house with stairs leading up to the bed and kitchen area
The Miter Box
A modern take on the Tiny House idea, fantastic for those that like Brown and Stainless Steel...would love to have this for camping and pull it on wheels!
a small stone house in the middle of a yard
tiny house, tiny house - build this little mansion in your backyard with room for a lawn ( maybe make into a full size house)
a small kitchen with a stove, sink and window in the ceiling that says what is the tiny house movement?
What Is This "Tiny House" Thing Anyway? - Sustainable Baby Steps
Learn about the tiny house movement from an expert and tiny house dweller, Andrew Odom. (via SustainableBabySteps.com)