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a green and white train traveling down tracks covered in snow next to trees with no leaves
The Green Line pushes forward despite the snow in February, 2015
a cat in the snow looking up with its eyes wide open and it's nose covered by snow
a snow covered park bench sitting in the middle of a snowy field with lights on
the sky is purple and pink as the sun sets in the distance with snow covered trees
a snow covered road surrounded by trees under a pink and blue sky in the distance
a person riding skis down a snow covered slope next to pine trees on a sunny day
Winter 🦌❄️
the boston common sign is decorated with greenery and red bows on a snowy night
a woman walking down a snow covered street next to tall red brick buildings on a snowy day
a city street covered in snow at night with people walking on the sidewalk and parked cars
Gonna miss that east coast snow aesthetic :'(
there is a statue in the middle of a snowy park with trees and lights on it
Boston, Massachusetts' Nova Scotia
The Boston Christmas Tree is the City of Boston, Massachusetts' official Christmas tree. A tree has been lit each year since 1941, and since 1971 it has been given to the people of Boston by the people of Nova Scotia in thanks for their assistance after the 1917 Halifax Explosion.
a person walking down a snow covered street in front of buildings and shops on a snowy day
a car is parked in front of a house with snow on the ground and trees
5 Boston Streets to Photograph in Winter
5 Boston Streets to Photograph in Winter