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Nursery Trends This Week: Forests, Florals and...Bananas!?
the interior of a coffee shop with brick walls and wood flooring, decorated in black and white
Alfred Coffee & Kitchen
Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in Los Angeles, CA
the interior of a coffee shop with white walls and wood accents on the counter top
A café counter with greige Zellige tiles
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs
25 of London's Most Buzz-Worthy Coffee Shops
two women sitting at a counter in a restaurant with tiled walls and wood beams on the ceiling
9 Instagram-Worthy Specialty Coffee Shops in LA - Inspired By This
the interior of a restaurant with wooden tables and stools, potted plants on the wall
a counter with lots of bottles on it and hanging lights above the counter in front of it
2018's Hottest New Café Openings Across the Globe