Auringal de Mirasala

Auringal de Mirasala
Rosario (Santa fe) / Caminante, no te detengas y busca Caminos...que la Muerte te encuentre siempre de pie
Auringal de Mirasala
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jk-girl : 画像

jk-girl : 画像

Resultado de imagen para vikingos VESTIMENTA

Idealized stylistic representation of an ancient Slavic couple. (From a historical standpoint, at least they like each other-her father probably sold her for a cow or something.

En lo más Fotos de desnudos que representan los rituales secretos de… #Art #daria_endresen #fotografía #noruega #países_nórdicos

Norwegian artist Daria Endresen has a unique, dark, aesthetic. The people in her pieces look at a minimum otherworldly and at times like straight-up e.

It is amazing what natural good looks, hard training, healthy food and living, and last but not least the right amount of corrective surgery might end up providing.

Ásatrú serie de símbolos. Cada obra representa a un elemento. Se presentan aquí en el siguiente orden: fuego, tierra, metal, agua, madera y aire. Los símbolos son acompañados por estrofas del Hávamál o Völuspá, escritos en runas islandesas.

The complete Icelandic staves / Ásatrú symbol series. Each artwork is representing an element. They are presented…

Parche: Cloto, Lachesi e Atropo.

The Three Fates: Clotho - spins the thread of life; Lachesis - draws the lots & determines how long one lives by measuring the thread of life; and Atropos - the inevitable, who choses how someone dies by cutting the thread of life with her shears.

Rudolf Eickemeyer - Evelyn Nesbit, 1902

Evelyn Nesbit Florence Evelyn Nesbit (December 1884 – January was a popular American chorus girl, an artists’ model, and an actress. Nesbit achieved world-wide notoriety when her.