Steps: planted seams

Garden design by carolyn mullet: Plant stairs with succulents - this actually works very well, the succulents thrive on the heat from the stone in summer. If you periodically wash the stairs off with (Garden Step Gabion)


It shows different shades of green. Therefore I can use it to find the right shade of green for the bits in the light and the bits in the shade; and also to work out which colours I can use for Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Los cactus y suculentas son plantas que necesitan muy pocos cuidados, por lo que resultan muy útiles como decoración para tu casa y jardín. Existen una infinidad de tipos y variedades de estas plantas, entre las que podrás elegir aquellas que más te gusten y combinen con el resto de elementos decorativos de tu casa

Beautiful DIY home decor idea. Succulent aquarium with a layered look. This DIY indoor plant looks classy and great for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.

teal tiles

An idea to fix a broken tile area. Don't tear out the wall of tile, make light of it! Caulk the broken/missing tile to waterproof, then add an air fern (kitchen backsplash) or a fake plant (shower or tub area).

My dream rug. Sounds silly to have a dream rug, but I'm dying to walk barefoot on this make believe forest floor. Reminds me of mossy spots, except large-scale. Isn't it fun? {Images via Interior Design by Angela Adams}

Pequeños árboles estilo origami

See the "Paper Evergreens" in our Paper Crafts gallery Do them white, or snow tipped. or icy blue for 'Frozen' theme

La 'Línea de 11 minutos'

Amazing Body Painting Art: Johannes Stotter

Fine art body painter Johannes Stötter transforms living models into animals, fruit and landscapes in amazing paintings inspired by nature. Check out his amazing body painting works.

Charles Jencks

Charles Jencks , American landscape architect and designer: The Universe Cascade, The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland