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Jasmine Brackett
transformer-table it expand to 3 times its size

The Transformer table by Quentin Kelley

When you have a small place it’s difficult to fit everything inside. You often have to rely on multifunctional or expandable pieces of furniture. The Transformer Table takes those concepts to a whole new level. This table, as its name very well suggests, has a rather deceptive look. That’s because it’s an expandable table. View...


❀ reunion dinner ❀

Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!! its the time of the year again to collect angpaus =) weee~!!! i just finish eating the reunion dinner with my gonna share a few things with u guys about my chinese new year.. here's a few things that are "must-haves" for my house during Chinese New Year.. mei hua with hanging golden ornaments =) its like a christmas tree too..but just that the gifts are hampers! hahaha the red cloth at the entrance.. this arrangement of fruits this is really important as all…

with writing

Pre-Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has been of eating, eating and more eating. It has been a while since I last posted any picture in my blog because I'm plai...

to ward off evil spirits


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narrow cloth


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putting up the cloth


27-11-10: One of the important practices in Chinese culture - Hang the red cloth at the entrance early in the morning (Simon's house) Dressing up the new mattress with lovely bed sheet Our decorated bed Paying respect to ancestors Wedding car decoration Leading car decoration Hanging up the red cloth in the hotel for SY's side Bachelor's night in Simon's house... Our Wedding Room Praying ceremony Wristband/Wrist Corsage specially made for our Heng Dai/Ji Mui The ceremony continues in the…

Chinese new year

My Wey of Life

Shop: Alo Sir! You want you car wash or wax ah?? Sir: Ya, waxsh only lah!

Subang Jaya Daily Photo

This is Kuala Lumpur's Big Ben. It is part of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. It onced housed our High Court, that has now moved to Jalan Duta. I love the Moorish architecture of this building. Do you have a big clock tower in your city too?

very simple

Xing Fu

The Chinese utilize the spirit of flowers to enhance your fortunes and wellbeing. The power of flowers is used to balance the yin and yang in our lives. They are used to direct and channel energy to help us achieve our goals. Some feng shui tips on using flowers: To enhance your wealth try placing yellow flowers in a gold/yellow vase in the west direction of your home or office. To raise your power of concentration use blue and purple flowers on your desk. To sleep better at night try a vase…

too frillly

too frillly