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Finally someone was thinking! I never know where to put the lid!

Finally someone was thinking! I never know where to put the lid!

Beautiful Kitchen Gadgets

Beautiful Kitchen Gadgets

I just love finding great kitchen gadgets that make life a bit more easy and fun in the kitchen. Finding a new kitchen gadget innovation is not always an easy task, since you have so much to choose from and sometimes you can totally buy a lemon. When buying a new gadgets you should check carefully and perhaps read some feedback before buying your next little gadget help in the kitchen.

Keeping the ipad safe in the kitchen...mount is easily removed when not in use, and can hold ipad when it is still in the case unlike other mounts.

Calling all cooks! A simple, affordable iPad kitchen mount

Want to keep your iPad off the counter, out of harm's way, but still accessible for recipe/cooking apps? This easy-to-install mount goes under your cabinets.

No guessing.

Taylor 3890 Digital Measuring Cup/Scale Weight & Volume

No guessing.

5 baking tools we can't live without.

5 Baking Tools We Can't Live Without

These are the essential tools of the trade

Even frosting design - awesome!!!

My Favorite Things: Kitchen Gadgets for Eggs, Cake, and Pasta - Embellishmints

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6 Great Wooden Cocktail Muddlers

6 Great Wooden Cocktail Muddlers

If you want herbs, fruits, and even vegetables in your cocktails, you'll want to add one of these 6 wooden muddlers to your drink-making kit

iSi Silicone Measuring Cups and Mixing Bowls

iSi Flex-it

If you rarely come out of a cooking experience unscathed, these flexible measuring cups are just what the baker ordered. They’re made of food-safe bendable silicone. Here’s why that’s so nifty: you can pinch the rim to form a spout, then pour with total p

The Microplane Elite Paddle Grater makes for the best light and fluffy grated cheese.

Microplane Paddle Grater

For me, the best part of a pasta meal is sprinkling (or completely covering) my dish with Parmesan cheese. Most hand-held paddle graters produce a coarse shaving, but with the new Microplane Elite Paddle Grater's unique star design, you get a light, snowflake-like powder—perfect for melting cheese all over your food. The new curved design allows for better contact, and the cover doubles as a measuring cup, attaching at the back, catching and measuring the cheese as you grate. While the star…

This lunch box collapses to half its size once you're done eating for easy transport home and more space in your backpack or tote

Collapsible Lunch Box

This lunch box collapses to half its size and the lid snaps in place to keep it that way for even easer transport home and more space in your backpack or tote.

Oven-to-table-to-fridge glass bakeware is the ultimate convenience. Read the review

Bake and Store Containers

I've been in love with these Anchor Hocking baking dishes since I first enviously spotted them in a friend's kitchen a few years ago. Oven-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe, they are the ultimate convenience—whatever you bake, roast, or zap, serve it straight from the ridged glass dish, pop the glass cover on when you're finished, and stick it right in the fridge. They sure beat out tupperware! _ Anchor Hocking Bake n' Store Containers, available in 5 and 12-cup sizes, from $11.99 - $14.99…

Gadgets: Ball FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker.  Foolproof jam-making in small batches.

Gadgets: Ball FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker

The Ball FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker heats and stirs jam or jelly for you. Dedicated jam-and-jelly makers may scoff at this machine because of the small batches, but folks who want to make a few foolproof jars at a time will love the simplicity.

gold salt cellar

Artisan Mini Salt Cellar

Shop the Artisan Mini Salt Cellar at Anthropologie today. Read customer reviews, discover product details and more.

Beautiful Hang Around Cooking/Serving Set

Hang Around Cooking/Serving Set

These cooking/serving tools designed by Danish design firm KiBiSi have notches on the back so that they may gently rest on a pot or pan while you work. Made from white beech, they’re function…