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My Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist - Mom Serenity

When I had my first child, I packed ALL THE THINGS for the hospital. It was a little crazy. How many did I use? Only a fraction. But you know something, it didn’t really matter that I only used a small percentage of what I packed in my hospital bag. That’s because just knowing I...Read More »

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Printable Checklist (for Baby, Mom, and Dad!)

Getting your hospital bag ready is a vital step in preparing for baby. Here is a complete printable hospital bag checklist for baby, mom, and dad.

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The Ultimate Third-Trimester Checklist

Whether you're in the middle of your first pregnancy or you just need a refresher on the necessary prebaby tasks before welcoming another child, this

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Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom, Dad, and Baby!

If I could go back in time and repack my hospital bag for my first baby, I would have included a few things I quickly realized I desperatley needed!

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Waiting For Baby • themindmuze

42 things to do while waiting for baby in last weeks of pregnancy.

Labor & Delivery: Some Truths

I am so tired of the way people scare pregnant women when it comes to labor and delivery. It can be a great experience! Here is the truth about childbirth.

Nesting Projects That Make Life With A Baby Easier

Make the most out of your pregnancy nesting stage! Check out these great nesting projects and make your life easier when the new baby comes home.

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7 labor tips I learned from my Labor and Delivery Nurse

The thought of labor and delivery can be daunting for first time moms. Rock labor like a pro with these 7 labor tips for a successful birth.

Everything On My 3rd Trimester To-Do List - The Mama Notes

I've been feeling overwhelmed as my due date becomes closer and closer -- not to mention everything I want to accomplish before the holidays begin (shopping, decorating etc.)! The other night I took a few minutes to write out a big, long to-do list and felt so much better after doing so.

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The Midwives Brew: A Secret Natural Labor Induction Method!

The midwives brew is a VERY effective labor inducing method. Try the Midwives Brew as a natural technique to get labor started!

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Delayed Cord Clamping – Risk and Benefits

You just delivered a beautiful, vernix covered little bundle of joy. Your heart is on cloud 9 and the endorphins are delightful. The last thing you are thinking about is watching the umbilical cord. Hopefully, your birth team will already be in practice of letting the cord pulse to completion, but taking the time to watch it happen will help you understand just why it’s so important.

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Labor Inducing Smoothing Recipe - Jenny Weg

We are quickly approaching the end of this pregnancy. Talk about time speeding by as we count down these final few weeks! As I’ve mentioned before, we are planning to use the Hypnobirthing approach for our birth. The belief behind this approach is that a woman’s body knows how and when to birth a baby, without additional medical interventions. Under special circumstances, or when the need arises, there may be a need for a medical intervention, but in most cases, there isn’t any need at all…

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ACNM Midwives on Twitter

“Help prepare your clients for early labor with this nifty @LamazeOnline infographic! #WednesdayWisdom”

Hospital Bag Checklist | 17 Items You Need + 4 You Don't!

The best hospital bag checklist for mom and baby! 17 key things you don't want to forget and a FREE printable to eliminate any stress of missing something!

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30 Newborn Tips, Tricks, & Hacks for the First 30 Days - LoveLiliya

Oh, the newborn phase. You’d think that having gone through it once, I’d be set, but not quite. This is my second time around on going through the newborn phase, and going into it I’ll admit I was so confident. Like, I know what to expect, and there’s nothing new so I’ll be able […]

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17 Things You Dont want to Forget Before Birth - MomSmartNotHard

How can you make these final weeks of the third trimester count? What might you have forgotten to do when it comes to preparing for birth and life with a newborn?