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museum-of-artifacts:“(via Ancient Roman helmet worn by the elite Roman cavalry (equites Romani). 2000 years old : ArtefactPorn)” Roman Artifacts, Historical Artifacts, Ancient Artifacts, Art Romain, Objets Antiques, Roman Helmet, Ancient Armor, Rome Antique, Empire Romain

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Roman helmet worn by the elite Roman cavalry (equites Romani). 1st century AD (via: reddit originally from Type Nijmegen-Kops Plateau Face Mask, Nijmegen Museum, NL

Sarcophagus and lid with relief of Married couple. Etruscan circa late century B. Don't often see such a sweet, normal scene in ancient sculpture. Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Art History, Statue Art, La Danse Macabre, Sculpture Art, Sculptures, Steinmetz, Empire Romain

Etruscan sarcophagus and lid with relief of married couple, circa late 4th–early 3rd century BC

Roman Forum, Arch of Titus., province of Rome Lazio region Italy--ITALIA by Francesco -Welcome and enjoy- frbrun Ancient Ruins, Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Roman Architecture, Ancient Architecture, Visit Rome, Rome Florence, Arch Of Titus, Places To Travel

Rom, Forum Romanum,Titusbogen (Roman Forum, Arch of Titus)

Arch of Titus ♦ Rome, Italy | Flickr - Photo by HEN-Magonza

Roman marble torso of a god or athlete, circa century based on a Greek sculpture of around the Century B. Ancient Greek Sculpture, Greek Statues, Roman Sculpture, Art Sculpture, Ancient Romans, Ancient Art, Carpeaux, Empire Romain, Art Premier

a marble torso of a ||| statues and figures

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Encaustic funeral portrait of a man, Egypto-Roman Rome Antique, Art Antique, Egyptian Mummies, Egyptian Art, Ancient Rome, Ancient Art, Art Romain, Egypt Mummy, L'art Du Portrait

Funerary and Other Masks of Ancient Egypt

Funerary and Other Masks of Ancient Egypt

Bust of Lucius Junius Brutus, Capitoline Museum, Rome. The Romans threw off Etruscan rule in 509 B., establishing the Roman Republic. Brutus (not to be confused with the much later Brutus who killed Caesar) led the revolt. Ancient Rome, Ancient Art, Ancient History, Roman Sculpture, Art Sculpture, Roman History, Art History, Roman Characters, Rome Antique

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ancient roman egyptian from the the gold wreath falls into the background Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Art History, Rome Antique, Art Antique, Art Romain, Egypt Mummy, Egyptian Mummies

Fayum (or Fayoum) mummy portrait of a thin-faced man with a gilded wreath

Encaustic on limewood Ancient Egypt, Roman Period A.D. 140-170 During the 1st to 3rd century AD in Egypt, painted panel portraits (more commonly referred to as Fayoum or Fayum portraits) were bandaged over the heads of mummies. These portraits depict the inhabitants of Greco-Roman ancient Egypt in exacting detail. They were finely executed in encaustic paint on wood or stuccoed linen. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Marble torso of Venus. Roman, c. - century A. Roman Sculpture, Art Sculpture, Classical Antiquity, Classical Art, Ancient Rome, Ancient Art, Aphrodite, Venus, Empire Romain


A ROMAN MARBLE TORSO OF VENUS CIRCA 1ST-2ND CENTURY A.D. The goddess depicted nude, originally standing with her weight on her left leg, her right slightly advanced, her torso with a fleshy paunch along her abdomen and a narrow waist, her left arm raised outward, her head turned sharply to her left, with long tresses of corkscrew curls framing her neck 8½ in. (21.6 cm.) high