Calaix d'impremta *2 i més / Cajón de imprenta *2 y más

No es gaire el que he pogut adelantar del calaix d'impremta. No he podido adelantar mucho del cajón de imprenta. El llacet està brodat amb el fil de lli i haig de dir que a mi m'agrada com queda. Li dona un toc rústic. El lacito está bordado con el hilo de lino y tengo que decir que a mí me gusta como queda. Le da un toque rústico. I això és una de les coses que m'ha tingut entretinguda aquests dies. Y esto es una de las cosas que me ha tenido entretenida estos días. És el Meshwork. Una…

Fuente hecha de cordon forrado

Pixie’s Rainbow Coiled Rag Bowl Pattern

Learn how to hand sew your very own coiled rag bowl. The rainbow coiled rag bowl pattern is easy to make and can fit in many decorating schemes by changing the fabric colors. EDIT: Stop by HERE to …

Decorate the windows for Fall ( with kids made leaves ) - Was about to do this but did notthink to use tissue paper. Great idea!

Autumn Window Collage - Inner Child Fun

Emily and I made a fun discovery this afternoon! Did you know that you can use washable glue stick to adhere tissue paper to glass??! When it’s time to change out the display, peel off the tissue paper and wipe the leftover glue stick clean with a damp sponge. (Try a small test area first, …


so, I almost set my house on fire for this sooc cotton series lives on View Large On White

Mesa decorada com várias cores de fitas adesivas, precisa passar papel contact transparente por cima para não descolar.

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