Mosaic variety

50 Pins
a colorful butterfly shaped brooch sitting on top of a wooden table
Butterfly Wendy's Mosaic Designs
a colorful butterfly is sitting on a piece of cloth with beads in it's wings
Red Admiral Butterfly Mosaic
an orange and black butterfly sitting on top of a tile floor next to another piece of art
Linda Biggers
a white box sitting on top of a checkered table cloth
a blue tray sitting on top of a wooden table covered in lots of dots and flowers
a red flower is in a white box on a table with blue and black tiles
a tray that has flowers painted on it
a close up of a wreath on a wooden surface with dragonflies and sunflowers
Mosaic wreath
a wreath made out of glass and stones on the grass
Mosaic insect wreath #1
a wreath is hanging on a door with leaves and berries painted on the front part
Mosaics Christmas Wreath
a colorful birdhouse sitting on top of a wooden table