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—from my poetry book, “If Hearts Had Training Wheels,”
Fyodor 🧎🏻🧎🏻🧎🏻
Books live inside my heart!❤️‍🩹
book character day "Number 1"
pt. 3 finally unboxing some of my pieces, love how much character books bring to the space
all the book girlies understand
do not come to me for book buying advice ✋🏻
I hope other mood readers will understand
Suddenly he’s not taller than her anymore.
When you can't remove the mistake...just color over it 😁
🥐 Coloring in a page from my "Just Food" Coloring Book by Julianne Colors 💜
Replying to @🤍𝓛𝓲𝓷𝓱🤍 Food & Drink Colouring Book
📖 Reminders of him
if your bf hasen’t made you a boo basket yet he doesn’t love you 🤫
my top 20 fantasy books honorable mentions: Sword Of Shannara
#greenscreen The 20 best fantasy books I’ve read. Alright y’all you know the drill
This was one of the saddest book I’ve read 🥹😭 yet I felt peaceful in the end
I loved that so much it‘s like the easiest read 😂😭❤️
your next read ig💅
yeahh right
This was after 500 pages of slow burn 🫣
Top 6 my fav books 🫶🏻 all quotes really motivate and suitable for those that had mental health
Your daily psychology related quotes from a licensed therapist 🙋🏼‍♀️ Follow me on Insta for more..
rom my poetry book “getting over you”
A page from my book ‘I Have to Tell You Something’
from my poetry book “getting over you” 🤍
Easy way to draw stack of books
✨2023 is gonna be our best reading year ever I can feel it 🥰