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a painting with the words how to achieve precision in your art studio life
Mastering Precision in Art: How to Effectively Measure While Painting
Euan Uglow was one of those rare artists who dedicated himself fully to the meticulous craft of painting 👩‍🎨 Born in London in 1932, Uglow was a British painter renowned for his rigid painting process and remarkable precision in his art. His work so clearly shows the use of measuring and colors working together 👀✨ #EuanUglow #PrecisionInArt #ArtStudioLife.com
an old book with writing on it that says, understand proportion in art artstudio life
Understanding Proportion in Art: A Guiding Line for Artists
The concept of proportion in art might conjure images of meticulously measured drawings and symmetrical faces from classic paintings...📐 🖼 However, proportion in art is not just about adhering to strict sizes and ratios. It’s about the harmonious relationships and resonating balance that the artist creates in their art. Save this article to learn more about how to create accurate proportions in your own work! #ProportionArt #LearnToPaintAndDraw #ArtStudioLife.com
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Value Scale Tips: How to Elevate Your Art with 9 Values
Creating a solid understanding of values is one of the most important things you will learn in painting. Therefore, it is good to take your time in developing your understanding of the value scale and your ability to work with just 4 or 5 values. However, once you have mastered the ability to create a clear and solid value structure with 5 values or less then it is good to start expanding. #valuescaleart #learntopaintdraw #artstudiolife.com
the book cover for movement in art and drawing, with an image of people kneeling down
Exploring 5 Ways to Create Visual Movement in Your Art and Drawing
Being able to portray visual movement in your art is a powerful tool! 🎨 Dive into how color, light, and geometry can bring visual motion to your drawings and paintings. Discover ways to create movement in your art and drawing in this article! #MovementInArtDrawing #DrawingTechniques #ArtStudioLife.com
the cover of different types of patterns in art, with an image of a woman's face
Learn How to Use Different Type Patterns in Art
Art is a fascinating journey of evolution and innovation, reflecting the intricate patterns it explores. 🎨 From Giotto's frescoes to Matisse's magnificent works, patterns have intricately woven through art history, captivating audiences. 🖌️ Uncover the different types of patterns in art and the secrets of incorporating patterns into your artwork to elevate your creations! ✨ #PatternInArt #PaintingTechniques #ArtStudioLife.com
the words, choosing the best canvas size for your art studio life are shown in black and
Standard Canvas Sizes for Artists: How to Choose the Perfect Fit
Save this helpful guide for quick reference on standard canvas sizes for painting and choosing the perfect fit for your art! 🎨✨🖼 #CanvasSizes #TipsForArtists #ArtStudioLife.com
a painting with the words how to convey space and depth in your art
How to Create Space in Art with Value and Color
👩‍🎨🎨 Artists face the challenge of bringing three-dimensional space to life on a two-dimensional canvas. However, without the proper understanding of how to use color, value, and other crucial elements to create realistic space in art, the task becomes exceedingly more difficult... Discover how to skillfully employ these elements, you can create the illusion of depth and distance, infusing your paintings and drawings with lifelike realism! 🖼 💫 #paintingdepth #learntopaintanddraw #artstudiolife.com
a painting with the words tips for painting with high key light value art studio life
How to Create Light (High Key) Paintings, Using Light Values
High key paintings are characterized by their lightness in value, and lack of strong contrasts. For example, when you take a look at a value scale, as it relates to art, you will notice how it ranges from the darkest value your medium can produce to the lightest value. And the degree of lightness or darkness you can create, will vary depending on whether you are using oil paints, pastels, watercolors, or any other medium. 👩‍🎨🎨 Head over to the full article for examples of light paintings and how to create the same effect in your own work using light values!
the words how to create waves in color are shown above an image of colorful triangles
What is Color Value? How to See (and Create) Values in Color
🎨 Color is an undeniable key for artists and painters. But mastering color value proves to be a challenging aspect! 🤔 Artists face difficulties in creating compelling paintings without a solid grasp of values in color. Missing this crucial skill can result in flat and uninspiring artwork that lacks depth, dimension, and a realistic sense of light. Let's explore the wonders of color together! ✨ #ArtStudioLife.com #ColorValue #ValuesInColor
an art studio poster with the title how to create form in art
What Form is in Art (and Drawing): Its Role and Why It’s Important
Discover why form in art and drawing is so vital! Learn how to use it to construct objects, figures, and scenes in three dimensions, creating depth and solidity. 🎨✨ Dive deeper into the concept of form in this article! #forminart #forminartanddrawing #artstudiolife.com
an image of some fruit on a table with the words, discovering the 4 types of light in art
Discover the 4 Directions of Light in Art and How Best to Use Them
🌟 Light is one of the most central and important aspects to a painting. And the light directions you use in your work has an enormous influence on how form develops in your work👩‍🎨🎨 It is important to compose with light and be intentional with the direction of light you choose. In this article, we’re going to explore four different types of light directions – as well as how they influence the impression of form in your painting🖼 #lightinart #paintingtechniques #artstudiolife.com
In this article, we’ll explore pearlescent colors: what they are, how they’re used, and tips for creating your own color mixtures. In addition, I’ll guide you through the fundamentals and how to make your painting radiate with a captivating pearlescent effect! So, let’s get started by first breaking-down what makes a color pearlescent. Color Mixing Guide, Color Mixing, Color Effect, Pearlescent, Colour, How To Use, Discover
What Pearlescent Colors in Painting Are and How to Use Them
In this article, we’ll explore pearlescent colors: what they are, how they’re used, and tips for creating your own color mixtures. In addition, I’ll guide you through the fundamentals and how to make your painting radiate with a captivating pearlescent effect! So, let’s get started by first breaking-down what makes a color pearlescent.
a poster with the words how to develop your own oil painting process
The Painting Process: How to Develop Your Own and Elevate Your Art
In this article, we will explore the oil painting process and how to develop your own processes that you can rely on. Moreover, you’ll discover how to incorporate these steps into your own painting, allowing you to enhance your art and take it to new heights. Let’s get started!
a book cover with the title'mastering the art of quick sketching'in white ink
How to Master the Art of Quick Sketching (3 Key Points of Focus)
Quick sketching is an essential skill to incorporate into your process as an artist. Sketching as a whole, helps to develop compositions and designs. But to unlock the full potential of sketching, it’s vital to know how to make quick sketches. Join me in this article, where I present three key focal points to aid you in mastering the art of quick sketching.
the cover of how to mix value in color art studio life
How to Establish Dynamic Color Values in Your Art
Being able to articulate the value of color in your painting is vital for bringing your work to life. However, mastering color and light in painting can be a difficult task. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of being able to establish strong values in color. As well as, how you can use color and value together to create powerful paintings that will captivate your audience.