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another small workbench
I totally need this.
WOAH THIS IS LIKE SUPER GENIUS!!! 2x4 Shelving the best way to fit 2x4 at corner, screw, wood, shelf, end, no glue:
Fastener pattern in 2x4 frame of workbench.
Hey guys!  I am so excited about the workbench I built for the shop in my new house!  My shop is still a work-in-progress but this was a huge improvement and much needed addition! I modified the workbench that Whitney built because I wanted more free space in my shop!  You can see her workbench …
How To Build A  4 x 4 x 8 Brood Pen
The Ayam Cemani breed of chicken. Credo,  parece que veio dos filmes dde HARRRY  POTTER!
Chicken brooder with stand.
Nice brooder.  Easy to adjust lamps.
Brooder box