Little bear pillow made from pure wool felt by dudaridesign

Make, put in plastic gallon ziplock, and give to your local Police Dept. to give to children in hard circumstances.

Moldes Para Artesanato em Tecido: Capa para maquina de costura com molde passo a passo

Cover with applique sewing machine. Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries


Low footstool upholstered in richly embroidered elephant motif. Fixed around edges with brass studs and finished with polished wooden legs.

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Robin Scholz, aka Praise Pratajev - origami, don't know where I would use, but it is lovely.

adornos en lana o totora - Buscar con Google

(JPEG Image, 1529 × 3660 pixels) - Scaled Smaller, with floss to make a purse tassel?