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two people are walking in the grass near a circular building with glass walls and windows
Kindergarten GALAXIE eR Varnsdorf | RG architects studio | Archello
Kindergarten GALAXIE eR Varnsdorf by RG architects studio Photo: BoysPlayNice
an empty courtyard with a potted plant in the center and yellow door on the other side
Domus Maya | studio kyriakos miltiadou | Archello
Domus Maya by studio kyriakos miltiadou Photo: creative photo room
a table and chairs in a room with glass walls
Midegasa Offices | KANPO | Archello
Midegasa Offices by KANPO Photo: Erlantz Biderbost
an empty building with stairs leading up to the second floor and skylights above it
Hortensia Herrero Art Centre | ERRE arquitectura | Archello
Hortensia Herrero Art Centre by ERRE arquitectura Photo: David Zarzoso
a small house in the woods surrounded by trees and leaves with a person walking towards it
Kanata Cabin | Atelier L'Abri | Archello
Kanata Cabin by Atelier L'Abri Photo: Raphaël Thibodeau
an outdoor dining area with tables, chairs and potted plants on the windowsill
Lina | Luis Carbonell | Archello
Lina by Luis Carbonell Photo: Camila Cossío
a modern house with an attached deck in the backyard
Bread & Butter | Best Practice Architecture | Archello
Bread & Butter by Best Practice Architecture Photo: Rafael Soldi
a large chess set in the middle of a courtyard
Gallery NN | t804 taller de arquitectura | Archello
Gallery NN by t804 taller de arquitectura Photo: Galeria NN
an aerial view of a house surrounded by trees and houses with rooftops in the background
Salamis | AREA / Architecture Research Athens | Archello
Salamis, Weekend House on the Island of Salamina, GR by AREA / Architecture Research Athens Photo: Yorgis Yerolymbos
an open living room and dining area with sliding glass doors
Casa Paraíso Azul | Taller Estilo Arquitectura (Estilo Arquitectura) | Archello
Casa Paraíso Azul by Taller Estilo Arquitectura (Estilo Arquitectura) Photo: Neil Youngson
an aerial view of a house in the middle of trees and buildings on both sides
El Tamarindo House | Taller Estilo Arquitectura (Estilo Arquitectura) | Archello
El Tamarindo House by Taller Estilo Arquitectura (Estilo Arquitectura) Photo: Manolo Solís
an empty courtyard with concrete planters and lights strung from the ceiling above it on a cloudy day
Children's Sanatorium with Speleotherapy | Adam Rujbr Architects s.r.o. | Archello
Children's Sanatorium with Speleotherapy by Adam Rujbr Architects s.r.o. Photo: BoysPlayNice
two children running up and down the stairs in an open area with large windows on each side
Vidyakula International School | Sudaiva Studio | Archello
Vidyakula International School by Sudaiva Studio Photo: Shamanth Patil J
an outdoor dining area with potted plants on either side of the table and chairs
The Breathing House | Aangan Architects | Archello
The Breathing House by Aangan Architects Photo: Pratikruti09 - Ar. Pratik Chandresha
a red chair sitting next to a tree in a room with white walls and floors
CASA PATIO | Cristina Felipe | Estudio Crearte | Archello
CASA PATIO by Cristina Felipe | Estudio Crearte Photo: Marina Palacios