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a diagram of the human hand with different bones and their corresponding parts labeled in spanish
Huesos de la mano
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the bones of an animal are labeled in this diagram, which shows how they look like
the anatomy of a long bone and its major bones, labeled in pink on a white background
an illustration showing the different bones and their functions
the anatomy of the female pectoral and hernial discriments
Fémur Femoral
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a diagram of the neck and head with words describing it's different areas in each section
Hombro vista anterior
an image of muscles in the human body with labels on it, including the names and description
Músculos de la pierna
Misculos de miembro inferior, anatomia general
the anatomy of the hand and wrist
the anatomy of the skull and its major bones, including the cranie muscles
Huesos del Craneo | Stu Crown Med | uDocz
the human brain with labels on it
Libro 2 – Ilustraciones Médicas
Medical Terminology, Medical Education, Medical Terms
COLUMNA VERTEBRAL | Nathaly Guañuna | uDocz
Valoración de enfermería | nurshibo
Valoración de enfermería | nurshibo
an image of the human skull with labels on its bones and their major functions in it
Libro 1 – Ilustraciones Médicas
Libro 1 – Ilustraciones Médicas
Libro 1 – Ilustraciones Médicas
Biology Facts, Rita, Medical School Life