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Doctor Who. Those 2 words say it all.

The next companion says "Doctor Where" then...

Doctor Who (2005) - S10E01

Le Docteur est en mission secrète avec Nardole. Ils font équipe avec une cantinière au self de l'université, nommée Bill, qui assiste aux cours magistraux tenus par le Docteur. Une terrible menace les attend.

Doctor Who (2005) - S10E03

The Doctor and Bill visit London during the last of the River Thames frost fairs in February 1814. They soon discover that there is something under the ice which is causing people to disappear.

Doctor Who star Jon Pertwee channeled by his son Sean

Well, this is uncanny: Sean Pertwee looks exactly like his father Jon in Doctor Who photo

The Gotham actor posted a composite image of himself as the third incarnation of the Time Lord

Regenerate | A Doctor Who - "Wide Awake" Parody

Regenerate | A Doctor Who - "Wide Awake" Parody

A song about the feelings that come along with having a new doctor. First you hate him, then he's alright, then he's your favorite and you love him and you w...

Doctor Who | He'll Never Make a Time Lord

__________________________________ **My friend said I'm on fire xD So, this is me on fire... I hope this video will reach your hearts and form another look o...


These Doctor Who 11th Doctor and TARDIS Cupcakes Are Too Beautiful to Eat! [Pics]

I don’t think I could bring myself to eat these Doctor Who-themed cupcakes, they’re just too beautiful to eat! Kudos to the people over at Nerdache Cakes for the AWESOME job they did on those! [Source: Nerdache Cakes | Via Technabob] ShareTweetPin18ShareEmail18 Shares

First Look At Peter Capaldi In Doctor Who Season 9 |

First Look At Peter Capaldi In Doctor Who Season 9

Just ahead of The Doctor’s Hall H debut at Comc-Con International: San Diego, BBC America has revealed a first look at Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who Series 9.Capaldi tells EW the photo (seen in full below), “shows the Doctor about to make a mistake that has cataclysmic [...]

Twelve & Clara | Duty of Care || Doctor Who

Twelve & Clara | Duty of Care || Doctor Who

Can we talk about how these two are in love as fuck. I think twelve loves Clara so much that just the idea of Clara not being beside him kills him every time...

MOFFAT TALKS RIVER SONG’S “KICK ASS” CHRISTMAS RETURN. “That’s been a riot to do. And that’s been sort of a big fun chase episode, really. Just Mr. and Mrs. Who battling their way past nonsense and that’s been great fun. They’re lovely together, they are."

Moffat Talks River Song's "Kick Ass" Christmas Return | Doctor Who TV

"It's time we saw her back being a kick ass hero instead of playing mums and sisters and all that."

Bringing the show up to date: The current series saw the introduction of the first openly gay companion, with Pearl Mackie playing the Doctor’s sidekick Bill Potts

Peter Capaldi reveals why he is leaving Doctor Who

The fate of the Time Lord has long captivated audiences, with Doctor Who fans eagerly anticipating each regeneration.

impossible | doctor & clara (tribute)

Impossible | Doctor & Clara (Tribute)

PLEASE READ: I have been waiting to make this video for a very long time. I even made a page of notes for this video...A PAGE OF NOTES. I loved the clara and...

doctor who ultimate trailer series 2005 - 2015

Doctor Who Ultimate Trailer Series 2005 - 2015

PLEASE READ: I found this project I abandoned and decided to continue it. I hope you enjoy it. --------------------------------------------------- my tumblr:...