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an image of the inside of a cell
Small Intestine (COLUMNAR EPITHELIUM) @HPO MAG by Spyrogenes on DeviantArt
different types of cells in the body and their structures are labeled below, which is what they look like
Epithelia, tissue and growth disorders
an image of the inside of a human cell
Epithelium Histology - Simple columnar epithelium - histology slide
the diagram shows different stages of hair growth
Bladder Cancer. Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of Bladder Cancer
an image of the inside of someone's stomach, showing what it looks like
an image of the stomach showing histological part 1 - side 20
an epithelium is shown in the upper and lower section of this image
Animal tissues. Epithelium. Transitional epithelium. Atlas of Plant and Animal Histology.
an image of the inside of a human stomach with different cells and their corresponding structures
Urothelium. Causes, symptoms, treatment Urothelium
the structure of an organ is shown in this diagram, and shows how it works
Eight types of epithelial tissue - Antranik.org
an image of the inside of a human's stomach with pink and purple cells
Transitional Epithelium of Human Bladder (Magnification x100). H & E stain. Cells near the surface are the pear-shaped basement membrane, with supporting connective tissue below #1 by Ed Reschke