Tree of Vibrant Life Painting by Elspeth McLean #elspethmclean #vibrant #treeoflife

Pointillism at it's best.Tree of Vibrant Life Painting by Elspeth McLean

ॐ Mandalas ॐ

street art - The kolam, or "rangoli" is a traditional mandala, a geometric pattern, that women design in front of their houses during festivities. In Tamil culture is a strong form of expression by the women, who express their feelings in this secret way.

Inspiran con solo mirarlos

orange, red, and hot pink mandala

Beach mandala

Andres Amador is an amazing American artist who uses the earth as his canvas. His amazing sand paintings have graced beaches around the world


Dream catcher in hoop

Mardi 17 Mars 2015.

Mandala by Katya Ulitina, via Behance Mais

The Sanskrit term mandala roughly translates to "magic circle" or "sacred circle". They tend to act as activation templates of consciousness. Carl G. Jung studied mandalas from a wide field of world cultures and eras, as well as having advocated for creating our own mandalas as vehicles of soulwork. He noted that when we draw mandalas from the center outward, we tend to process our personal issues or challenges du jour and often gain increased clarity and energy which we can apply to our…

Birch Wheel by Jo Thilwind this would make a beautiful quilt block

.Bright paisley colours

Bright and beautiful paisley colours

dromenvanger, zie patroon

dromenvanger, zie patroon

Mardi Gras Mandala by Hello Angel Creative

❤~ Mandala ~❤ Mardi Gras Mandala by Hello Angel Creative

mandalas . atrapasueños . tejidos crochet

Mandalas . Atrapasueños . Tejidos Crochet

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Cómo hacer un atrapasueños ganchillo | Crochet dreamcatcher

Cómo hacer un atrapasueños ganchillo, Crochet dreamcatcher, My Crafts and DIY Projects


Pink and purple mandala geometric iPhone wallpaper

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Dreamcatcher Kits and Custom Orders Sydney - Australia

mandalas siete chakras, tejidas a crochet,! únicas!

Mandalas Siete Chakras, Tejidas A Crochet,! Únicas

mandalas siete chakras, tejidas a crochet,!

Resultado de imagen de reutilizar los pañitos de crochet

Room decoration with crochet doilies