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the tower bridge is reflected in the water
Tower Bridge de Londres, Reino Unido
the sun is setting over stonehenge in england's ancient city of stonehenge
Stonehenge, el lugar más mágico y misterioso para estrenar el verano
the big ben clock tower towering over the city of london
5 Big Cities In Europe To Visit
an old building in the middle of a city with a large clock tower on it's side
Escócia e suas principais atrações  – Viagens e Viagens e Viagens
an aerial view of some buildings and people walking on the street in front of them
Roteiro pelo Reino Unido: 20 dias de trem da Escócia ao sul da Inglaterra
an old town with stone buildings and water running through the street, surrounded by greenery
Pueblos más Bonitos de Inglaterra: Cotswolds, Sitios de Cuento