French knot embroidery

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French knot embroidery: Would like to make an "Earth" with this technique. I especially like this persons idea of the earth

For as long as I can remember,I've always been a dreamer. Dreamed of better days ,past memories that make me happy .  I've always loved dreaming even though some of my worry wart over protective paranoia tendencies come out in my dreams .. it never stops me from dreaming.  dream_catcher_tattoo_by_metacharis

so far this is the best looking dream catcher idea. if i do get a dream catcher tattoo then it would look very similar to this .

free embroidery pattern

How to Embroider Bold and Modern Flowers

STCI, coloriage pour adultes et enfants mandalas

pictures to color for the screen in the basement STCI, coloriage pour adultes et enfants mandalas