Change Purse Made in Mexico Embroidered Details by EricaMaree, Handmade item Materials: linen, plastic zipper, leather cord, embroidery thread, LOVE Feedback: 75 reviews Ships worldwide from Mexico

Change Purse Made in Mexico Embroidered Details - The little sister to the Chantel Wallet. This Mexican embroidered boho pouch showcases simple clean lines with bright happy embroidery threads. Erica Maree delivers a romantic bohemian accessory wi.

Mexican Love embroidered bikini floral hippie bohemian chic by

Handmade Mexican embroidered dresses and vintage treasures from Aida Coronado Mexican embroidered bikinis - Aida Coronado store A heart in every piece

Folklorico - Pajaro Swoop | Urban Threads: Unique and Awesome Embroidery Designs

Mix, match, and arrange the Folklorico designs to create big, bold embroidery inspired by Mexican folk art!

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