great chunky sweater with color contrast trim

SheIn offers Khaki Long Sleeve Contrast Trims Batwing Sweater & more to fit your fashionable needs.

kei's Cable Luxe Tunic-free pattern

kei's Cable Luxe Tunic-free pattern - At last, I am getting somewhere in my search for a pattern for the jumper that I can see in my head!

Ravelry: Bulle pattern by Karen Borrel (Maya)

Bulle pattern by Oomieknits

Ravelry: Bulle pattern by karen Borrel sizes between years. Different coloured pockets detail. Adult version available.

For Blooms? Campus Jacket by Amy Christoffers

Ravelry: Campus Jacket pattern by Amy Christoffers - love this and it doesn't look overwhelmingly difficult.

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