Alejandro Chaskielberg

The High Tide, depicts life in the remote community of the Paraná River Delta region in Argentina, where the river tides determine the activities and movements

Alejandro Chaskielberg

Sitting at a bar in Argentina, bymyself, I was drinking mint honey ginger tea, of all things.

alejandro chaskielberg - nocturama

alejandro chaskielberg - nocturama

Elisabeth and her eight children live in the village of Natoo in Northern Turkana-ALEJANDRO CHASKIELBERG

In pictures: Combating drought in the Horn of Africa

Combating drought in the Horn of Africa Credit : Alejandro Chaskielberg

Alejandro Chaskielberg ~ Northern Kenya

Alejandro Chaskielberg's pictures by moonlight

Alejandro Chaskielberg's powerful nocturnal pictures of Kenyan villages

Photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg captures villagers in the northwest region of Kenya at night. With the use of strobe lighting and long exposure times .

Turkana, Kenya - Alejandro Chaskielberg for Oxfam

Alejandro Chaskielberg's photos feature a community in the Turkana region of northwest Kenya, but they’re all taken at night, using full moons, strobe lighting and long exposure to create powerful portraits of his subjects and their lives

alejandro chaskielberg - a spiritual family, 2007

Michael Hoppen Contemporary - Artist - Alejandro Chaskielberg - The High Tide - The Hunter, 2010

la creciente - alejandro chaskielberg

ALEJANDRO CHASKIELBERG is an Argentinian photographer based in Buenos Aires. He has developed projects in Japan, Kenya, Surinam and Argentina among other countries

Alejandro Chaskielberg

Combating drought, Napva Kaanyang, 22 (left) and Losike Kangirwa, 21 pump water from the local pump in Natoo village for the women to use on the gardens. Credit: Alejandro Chaskielberg/ Oxfam — at Lake Turkana.

Argentinian photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg

Moonlight Photographs by a Nocturnal Photographer

alejandro chaskielberg - the fish shop, turkana series

Peter Abwell is a former pastoralist who became a fisherman before starting his own business. Read his story Photo: Alejandro Chaskielberg Read more: East Africa food crisis

Photography work by Buenos Aires born Alejandro Chaskielberg

The winners of the Sony World Photography Awards were just announced and Buenos Aires-based Alejandro Chaskielberg took home th

Image from this years winner of the L'Iris D'Or, Sony World Photographer, Alejandro Chaskielberg

Sony photographer prize announced