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Paintings or illustrations in my favorite color Turquoise. The color is not exact, it's like the sea, sometimes more blue, other times more green. This is also the reason why I like it so much. Art in this color always catches my eye and to prevent that my other collections are filled with this color, I decided to make this board.

Anne Lokhorst
'STARMAKER' , by Taylor Smith

Starmaker by taylorsmith on DeviantArt

Here’s a reboot of a picture I did in 2007! This little girl, Aliyah, has part of a pretty elaborate story that’s been collecting dust in the back of my... Starmaker

made by: Louwrens Venter - illustration 2015

2014 Personal Illustration collection

made by: Louwrens Venter - illustration 2015

made by: James R Eads

The Art Of Animation

James R Eads -

Martin Pescado

My part of space.

I just love beauty, that's all. || Nothing posted on this blog belongs to me, unless stated otherwise.

'Window Lights' made by: Little Ulvar on DeviantArt

windowlights by littleulvar on DeviantArt

One of the illustrations I did for the Samurai 2.0 artbook ;u; Also a little PSA! I'll be on Japan Expo with the Hiraeth team this year. I'll be doing s... windowlights

made by: Gina Kiel

made by: Dariusz Zawadzki - painting

Contemporary Portraits by Dariusz Zawadzki - Cruzine

Dariusz Zawadzki was born in Szczecin in the northwest Poland in 1958. Since his early childhood Zawadzki was regarded for having unusual sensitivity to the

made by: Simon Prades

Friday - Simon Prades - Debut Art

Simon Prades, born in 1985 into a German/Spanish family lives in Saarbrücken, Germany with his wife and son.Since finishing University with a diploma in Graphic Design, he has been working as a freelance...

made by: Kelly Murphy , 'The Blue Bathtub' - illustration

Kelly Murphy Illustration | The Blue Bathtub

The official website of illustrator Kelly Murphy.

made by: Sergei Kovalenkov , illustration for "Colourful tales".

Сергей Коваленков «Разноцветные сказки» — Картинки и разговоры

.Иллюстратор Сергей Коваленков.Автор Имант Зиедонис.Перевод Юрий Коваль.Страна Россия.Год издания 2011.Издательство Рипол классик.Купить книгу

'The Night Gardener' , made by: Eric Fan

The Wood Between: Photo

Mostly, but not limited to, nature-themed art and illustration. Header image by Jahna Vashti.

made by: Irene.Lasivita: - Painting


obra de Irene Lasivita