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Stuffed Pepper Skillet, Easy Comfort Meal for Weight Loss
Looking for a healthy and flavorful one-pan meal that's perfect for busy weeknights? Look no further than this delicious stuffed pepper skillet! With a medley of veggies and protein, this easy dish is packed with nutrients and flavor. Begin by dicing onion, peppers, and avocado, and sautéing them in a pan with oil and your choice of meat or beans. Once the meat is cooked, add in cauliflower rice, tomatoes, garlic salt, red pepper flakes, and cumin. Continue to stir fry for another 10 minutes, then top with cheese and cover the pan to melt the cheese. Finish the dish by topping with fresh parsley and avocado for a burst of fresh flavor. And if you're vegetarian or vegan, simply swap in beans for the meat and add more avocado instead of cheese. This easy and delicious meal is perfect for
Mind Blowing Meal Prep
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4 Ingredient, 1 Pan Low Carb Dinner for 2
Trader Joe’s Wonton Soup