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a plate of food and a glass of wine on a table next to a christmas tree
свече из лосося
a piece of cake that is on top of a white plate with words in russian and english
a magazine with an image of a pie on the cover
Вертута с творогом
a chocolate cake is cut into pieces and served on a plate with the words in russian above it
bacon wrapped asparagus on a cutting board next to a griddle of skewers
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus - Damn Delicious
an advertisement with different types of creams in bowls and spoons on the side
the instructions for how to make whipped cream in russian and english, with pictures below
the poster for an art exhibition with different colors and numbers on it's sides
ганаш рецепт
ганаш рецепт темный белый молочный фруктовый
there is a magazine about food on the table and it has an advertisement in russian
Crème Brûlée Magazine
there is a piece of cake with green icing on it and a fork next to it
Японский блинный торт
an advertisement for cinnamon roll on a plate