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The post 25 DIY projects made with wine corks appeared first on becoration. Wine, apart from being taste, is a source of a really good material for making DIY projects. This materials is cork and there are infinity of option in order to create.

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DIY String-Ball Chandelier, or make many 'balls', spray them red and white and put in oversize brandy snifters.

Inspirational DIY Projects With Studs And Spikes


Easter Carrot Cupcakes Recipes, Easter DIY Tutorial: Carrot Shaped Cupcakes, Easter Food ideas, Easter table decorations by molly


Every kid seems to love hot dog. Let’s make some homemade hot dog bread to satisfy them. Here’s a fun recipe to make hot dog in a dog bread. It’s very easy to make and you can work with your kids on it.


Materials: -leather, suede, or micro-suede -jewelry chain -fabric glue -fabric paint -paintbrush -jewelry pliers -.