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Арты. Часть 1

Идеи в мою головошку всё не идут и не идут, так короче. Эти арты я буду выкладывать, поку-до мне в головошку не придут идеи для моего фика . Кто хочет заходите, смотрите, ставьте звёздочку. Так, что-то заболтались, ну что поехали!

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Draw The Line - New Years: Chapter 44

When enemies turn to friends and there's still something more, where do you draw the line? Harry and Draco are both back for their eighth year at Hogwarts and have started the year off with their usual bickering, but when pressure hits and they can't continue to keep fighting how will they take it and how far can they push that line. *Not my cover image, image belongs to alek.dar on Instagram* *This story doesn't follow cannon perfectly, don't come after me* *Characters belong to JK Rowling…

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Snakes | DRARRY - Chapter 9: Sorting Ceremony

It starts off normally, Harry Potter being neglected by his relatives, when suddenly someone appears in front of him, and the two went to some sort of manor, The Malfoy Manor. He bumps into a tall and scary looking man with long blonde hair and a cane, and immediately feels safer around him for some strange reason, He then meets the mans son, who was a complete replica of the man, only with shorter hair, and a slightly less intimidating look, and feels his heart race when he's around him…

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