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the instructions for how to make an origami woman's headdress
Рукоделие | Постила
Pattern making collars. Ретро воротник отложной без стойки (6 выкроек – схем) - «Ретро стиль, мо | Sewing _ clothes _ patterns_Шитье_Одежда_Выкройки | Постила
the diagram shows different types of clothing
jacket collar details
Jacket Collar Details - from Fashion Flats
the instructions for how to tie an apron neckline in different styles and colors, including black
COLLARS - vma.
there are many different pictures of scissors and sewing supplies on the floor, including jeans
a woman wearing a pink shirt and holding her hand on her neck while looking at the camera
How to Sew a Mandarin Collar
Mandarin collars are a design staple with an Asian influence. Mandarin collars are stand-up or band collars that can add a completely different look to your outfits. Sew a Mandarin collar to shirts, jackets or dresses. Make your Mandarin collar using fabric and lightweight interfacing. Create a whole new look and add a touch of style to your...
a close up of a dress on a mannequin's neckline with the number 8 on it
Interesting finish for a neckline. Use same technique as a v neck.
a close up of a dress shirt on a mannequin
Vogue Patterns Misses' Top 1385 pattern review by acmena
Vogue Patterns: 1385 by acmena
instructions on how to make a collared shirt
【转载】StyleBook 2012 盛夏号 (1) - 苹果园的日志 - 网易博客
StyleBook 2012 盛夏号 (1) - 紫苏 - 紫苏的博客
a woman wearing a blue top with a flowered design on the neck and shoulders
Roxanne : Susanna Liberty
Make Something // Victory patterns Roxanne
an instruction manual for making a dress with sleeves and collars, in japanese language
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Mod@ En Line@.
Constructing (sewing) in the round vs. in the flat Sewing Tips, Sewing Sleeves, Sewing School, Upcycle Sewing, Bias Binding, The Choice, Sewing Gifts
in the round vs. in the flat
Constructing (sewing) in the round vs. in the flat