Simple decorations made out of newspaper fit the black and white theme perfectly. This post from Better Homes and Gardens USA will give you more inspiratation.

bombillas gastadas para navidad..

Penguin light bulb ornaments These cute penguins are a clever way to upcycle old light bulbs and make a perfect classroom craft or a great family craft night activity. Make a pack of penguins for your own tree or gift them to friends and neighbors.

Adornos de navidad con fieltro

Adornos de navidad con fieltro

loop the ribbon like the trees with one color inside small loops and another outside big loops then wrap with lights Easy DIY Christmas Decorations via loppelilla

frappucino bottles with milk in them?straw through a marshmallow= decorative and cute Christmas drink :) such a cute idea for kids.

Glue Soaked Yarn Ornaments There are just so many creative ways to make a Christmas tree ornament! This has to be one of my top 3 favorites. Its a very simple method just soak yarn in glue and create a shape of your choosing using pegs in st