Fedex whiteout  cross walk ad

15 Creative Ads in Unusual Places

Juegos infantiles

5 juegos infantiles caseros ¡al aire libre

Snow Flake Lake Activity Yard Plunket Leading 34 Exciting DIY Backyard Games And Activities

#Guerrilla #Marketing We deliver advertising campaigns throughout the UK and Europe, but we also welcome enquiries from around the globe too! For all of your advertising needs at unbeatable rates -

NON TRADITIONAL AD: Guerrilla Marketing. The kissing point is very French romantic style. I wish I know what the whole campaign idea is. If it says the same thing as the big idea says, this guerrilla is a cool idea.

stunt réussi

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Real-time giving. Westjet airline employees pulled off a wonderfully orchestrated Christmas surprise for a flight full of Toronto passengers that left many in tears

Coca-Cola SLURP!

Real-Time Coca cola Ad drops the audience (especially the slurpers) in a sexy scene. Cause the movie ain't the same with you in it.

Ikea's Amazing RGB Billboard Is One of the Coolest Ads It's Ever Made Making the most of limited space February 2014, Germany

The IKEA RGB billboard 3 - headlines on 1 billboard, showing Ikea's capacity to make the most of little spaces

A hair-raising message - YouTube

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation – Hair-raising message By Garbergs