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A butterfly that changes colors and bestows different magic or does different things when it is one color versus another (yellow=healing).

Handcrafted pottery Angel Ornament in red/turquoise

Handcrafted Pottery Angel Ornament Contemporary Christmas Ceramic Southwest Home Decor Terra-cotta Turquoise Glaze

Nacimiento Navidad

Wooden Nativity set 6" tall, Nativity Scene, Holy Family. Hand made

Aqua Ceramic Wall Hanging Hamsa with Moons Feathers by DivineHenna, $150.00

Aqua Ceramic Wall Hanging Hamsa with Moons, Feathers, Beads, Hand of Fatima

Resultado de imagen de jean louis corby

Michela# Bronze Emotion sculpture by artist Rosamond Lloyd titled: 'Joint Venture (Abstract Love Token Sculptures)'