Serpiente de juguete reciclando tapones de plástico

This cute little snake, made of recycled plastic bottle caps, would make a fun bird toy.

Forma y Color que empareja Velcro silencioso por SweetJuicyApril

Shape and Color Matching Velcro Quiet Book Page от SweetJuicyApril

Timbre de hadas por dreamchildstudio en Etsy

Fairy or gypsy dancing rings----bells, ribbon, shower rings or bracelets.super easy, super cute // DIY these

The perfect party favor for all your mini ballerina's guests! Learn how to make your own Ribbon Wands with this tutorial from Mama.Papa.Bubba

DIY Ribbon Wands:: great for music and movement activities, also good as party favors for a little girl's birthday.

jueguetes didácticos de tela - ta-te-ti en pañolenci

Jueguetes Didácticos De Tela - Ta-te-ti En Pañolenci

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Bailando Fairy Ring por dreamchildstudio en Etsy

shower curtain rings + ribbon = dancing fairy rings (great for music movement)! Love the idea to use shower current rings!

Costura patrón - esto no es un juguete terminado. Usted puede crear un arco iris de anillos apilables para ayudar al bebé desarrollar habilidades motoras finas y chispa de curiosidad! Este patrón de apilador anillo clásico da instrucciones detalladas para los cinco anillos en tamaños graduados enrollados sobre un poste de 8 centímetros. Anillos de un juguete perfecto para ayudar al bebé a desarrollar una coordinación como aprenden a apilar el fácil de entender en el orden correcto. Hecho por…

pdf sewing pattern for a ring stacker soft toy. Always so worried about the kids putting the small wood ones in their mouth ideas diy

Tutorial for baby blocks with foam inside - these would keep their shape and stack better than those that are just stuffed.

diy baby blocks--as long as they can be contained in the Ziploc. Variation: These can even be made into texture blocks (different textures for each block, or on the different sides of the blocks. That would make it a great sensory toy!

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This DIY No-Sew Fleece Octopus is so cute! And it is easy to make, you don't need to have any sewing skills, even some kids can make it themselves.