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Ana Maria Gonzalez

Ana Maria Gonzalez
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Leonardo DiCaprio - hands down favorite actor. Love him in everything he does. And some of the movies he stars in are in my top picks for most favorite movies ever: Titanic, Inception, Shutter Island, Blood Diamond, & Romeo And Juliet.

Anthony Hopkins...the BEST of the best

Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, CBE (born 31 December is a Welsh actor of film, stage, and television, and a composer.


Marilyn Monroe at Tobay Beach, Long Island in the Summer of 1949 Marilyn Monroe photographed by André De Dienes in June, These beautiful pictures were taken a week after Monroe's even more famous nude pictures.


Clint Eastwood turns 84 today - he was born in Do you have one fav Clint movie? Guy or gal, I bet somewhere at sometime, Clint has made your day! This is Clint in 1973 in his film High Plains Drifter.