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a fish that is laying down on some rocks
Ridiculously well preserved fish from 150mya, the Solnhofen Limestone of Germany
an image of some kind of rock with plants growing out of it and on the side
National Geographic
an image of some kind of plant with long leaves in the middle and one fish on it's back
Fossilized Palm frond - Stock Image - C008/6475
a close up of an animal's skeleton on display
Psychopyge elegans
a person holding a small plate with some food in it and a tiny insect sitting on top of it
a trilobite fossil minus the rock around it
some very pretty shells on the ground
Ammonite pavement
an image of a fossil in the shape of a scorpion
A colorful Damesella paronai trilobite from the Kushan formation, Shangdong, China. Middle-Cambrian
four different types of animals with their legs spread out and feet extended, all in black and white
Fossilized Spider, 50 Million Years Old, Clear As Life
a rock with an image of a lizard on it's face and yellow paint
Starfish Ophiure Echinoderms Ordovician Fossil Natural Fossilien | eBay
a small black object sitting on top of a yellow rock next to a white wall
A Gerastos sp. from the Foum Zguid (Elgara ) formation, Morocco. Middle Devonian in age. Gerastos tr