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Batman x Guts | Figure ⬇️
an image of a woman with her hands on her chest
the joker and batman's face are shown in two different images, one with green hair
Batman vs Joker by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson by BatmanMoumen on DeviantArt
a joker playing card with the joker on it's face and holding two bats
Batman: Three Jokers Cards
the batman mask is painted blue and has blood dripping from its mouth as it looks like he's going to die
an image of a batman face with the moon in the background
the cover to harley's new comic series, harley and her friends are sitting on a couch
an image of a batman with his fist out
the cover to teenage mutant ninjas 1, drawn by joe kush and mike buscetto
Comics: Books
a drawing of a woman dressed in purple and green with a catwoman mask on
an image of a woman dressed as catwoman in the dark knight comic book cover